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Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my artwork?

Orders typically take 6-8 weeks for delivery depending on the time of year. We do our very best to ship quickly, but will never trade speed for quality. If you have a special deadline you are trying to meet, please contact us directly to coordinate.

Does Scotty do commissions?

Absolutely. Scotty is the master of seeing and creating beauty. Prices will vary with the scope of work and level of detail. Please contact us directly to discuss options and we will guide you through the process.

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What is a Scotty Custom?

Scotty Customs are select pieces from within the edition that Scotty modifies by using unique mediums and materials. Scotty may do an extremely limited number from the edition or none at all.

Get them if you can.

Does Scotty make custom frames?

Scotty does do custom frames. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing options based on size and complexity.

For some paintings such as The Negotiation and Purrfect Curves, Scotty has already included a specifically designed cuff into the cost of the piece. For other paintings, our standard cuffs may be added for an additional cost.

Fine Art

The Negotiation

Call or Email for Pricing
Call or Email for Pricing
What is a giclee?

A giclee is an extremely high quality print of the original. Special inks and substrates are used to make the archival-quality copy. Scotty carefully color matches each giclee to ensure accuracy.

What separates Scotty's giclee quality from the rest?

Scotty tightly controls quality by keeping production in house. The reinforced frames, combined with a proprietary method of stretching the canvases, provides unmatched tension similar to that of a drum. Scotty also tightly controls the inks and canvases used to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Finally, the artwork is protected with a special UV-resistant clear coat to provide the perfect finish. We pride ourselves on being the leader in quality and we know you will see the difference.

What is an AP and a PP?

An AP stands for Artist's Proof and PP stands for Printer's Proof. Traditionally, proofs were made by the artist to test different ideas, see the painting in different colors or with additional features. These proofs are outside of edition and are even more exclusive and thus extremely limited. In the same way, the printer was authorized to make proofs of the original to test equipment and inks for accuracy against the original. They are also outside of the edition and extremely limited. Please inquire with us directly if you are interested in either an AP or PP.

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